OTC and Menstrual Care products are now FSA-Eligible (Infographic)

The CARES Act reversed the provision of the Affordable Care Act that prohibited the purchase of Over-the-Counter (OTC) medicine with an FSA.  As of January 1, 2020, OTC can be purchased with your FSA.  Additionally, the CARES Act included language that allows for Menstrual Care Products to be purchased with an FSA.

While the products are eligible retroactively to January 1st, it does take some time for merchant updates.  With that, we expect that the cards will begin to work with these recent additions as early as this week. If you have an issue using your card paying for OTC or menstrual care products, just submit a claim for a manual reimbursement through our Participant Portal, by email with the Medical Claim Form, or via our mobile application – just search your app store for “gente FSA”.

Our friends at the FSA Store have put together this helpful infographic, as well as a CARES Act information page.  As always, they maintain the best eligibility list on the web, which you can find on our site, or theirs.

OTC and Menstrual Care Infographic